Essences 精華液

COLOR ESSENCE 顏色劑 (共15色)




- 用數滴於水中飲用,浸浴
- 用於脈輪、經絡、穴位、耳後、或脈搏跳動處
- 手掌
- 稀釋後噴灑於身體周圍
- 滴幾滴進Aura-Soma®的化妝水、乳液、乳霜、沐浴乳、按摩油等產品,以強化日常的保養

The color essences are Liquid Light in handy violet dropper bottles, to retain the purity of the essence. They are a companion for any occasion, and particularly, moment to moment during the day, to support the color work of our chosen Equilibrium, Pomander or Quintessence. AURA-SOMA® Color Essences can give us the opportunity to connect with 'the colors you choose' at any time.

Contained within these essences are the energies of crystals, minerals, plants, trees, color and light. An energising process then brings the very best of vibration to you for your well-being and balance. Sympathetic resonance is the key to these beautiful essences which are available in all the colors of the rainbow including a rainbow essence for full chakra balancing.

Apply to pulse points of wrist, temple, ankle or energy points of the body as desired.

SEA ESSENCE 海精華(共3組,每組14瓶)

如同所有的精華液一般,都是由非常高頻率的能量組成,而放在水中由白蘭地保存。酒精使它的能量被封存在水中。這些海洋能量的本身是大宇宙光的一些副光或小光 - 是一種使更新的光。海精華,像花、寶石、水晶和其他精華一樣,都能震動頻率加強能量。


- 滴三滴於脈輪上
- 滴入洗澡水
- 加入乳液,按摩油或化妝水使用

Relationship Transformational Frequencies

The Sea Essence are specifically focused on transformation of the energy fields between people, and also in their relationships.

BUTTERFLY ESSENCE 蝴蝶能量水(共3組,每組28瓶)




- 滴三滴於脈輪上
- 滴入洗澡水
- 加入乳液,按摩油或化妝水使用

Personal Transformational Frequencies

This Butterfly Essence is renowned to have the potential for instant support when a sudden need arises, i.e. trauma. It can be a very calming, nurturing and supportive effect in many instances of emotional, or spiritual distress.